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Questions and Answers about TIZIQ

TIZIQ FAQ for Event Owners

TIZIQ is a new and exciting way to monetize your video content - HLS stream, MP4 video file or YouTube video path.
With TIZIQ, you can quickly create a Pay-Per-View event for your content or create a Free Viewing event that your viewers can contribute to when they watch your show.
TIZIQ allows you to use your video content for protected public viewing with the ability to receive payments for your content.

After you have created your TIZIQ event and added either our Live Streaming or with your video file from your TIZIQ dashboard, we then protect your content with our Digital Rights Management technology. This process secures your video content and makes it available for either Pay-Per-View OR Free Viewing with payment processing for contributions towards your free show.
Creating an event on TIZIQ is super easy.
First, you need to either login to your account or create a new account.
After logging in, choose "Create Event".

From the available options, choose your event type:
a) Pay-Per-View Stream (we provide the streaming)
b) Pay-Per-View VOD (This options allows you to upload your .h264 MP4 video file)
c) Free Contribution (This option allows you to use a YouTube path, HLS stream or .h264 MP4 video file)

Enter your event's image, price and event details.
Be sure to set the Event Time in your local time.

Once your event has been published, you now need to add your content to it.

Choose your profile image and select "Dashboard" from the options shown.
From your dashboard, choose "Events"
You will then see a listing of events for your account.
Choose "Set Live Broadcast" and add your content in the window available.

Choose "Submit" and you're done!

Your event will available to the public based on the Start Date and Time you have set for the event.
TIZIQ fees are 15% of the ticket price, tips or contributions.
TIZIQ payouts are process via 2 options:

1) PayPal transfer
2) Bank transfer

Note: All payouts are made in your local currency and based on the day of payout's currency exchange rate.

In order to receive a payout, you must first configure your payout information via the "Withdrawals" option on your TIZIQ dashboard.
If requesting a Payout via PayPal, enter your PayPal address.
If requesting a Payout via Bank Transfer, enter your bank account information for an international transfer.
At TIZIQ we pride ourselves on Full Transparency for all payments.
With each payment, you will receive an SMS from us for your payment.

You can also track all payments via your dashboard under "Pay-Per-View Payments"
There you will find full data on each transaction with the option to filter and export any data required for analytics.
If you are having any issues with TIZIQ, contact us via email at and we will be happy to help.
Yes we do. TIZIQ is backed by MUX - a global live streaming service with millions of concurrent views for events.
Simply create an event and we will provide you with the stream keys to do your live broadcast.

TIZIQ FAQ for Viewers

TIZIQ is a new and exciting way to experience Pay-Per-View or Free Contribtuion events.
With TIZIQ, content creators can publish their events for public viewing with either Pay-Per-View for the content or Free viewing with contributions towards to the show.
TIZIQ payments are made in USD$. Any card used to make a payment on TIZIQ must have a USD$ facility available.
Cards with no USD$ availability or non-US local debit cards in a currency that is not USD$ are not accepted.
Pay-Per-View events:

To view a TIZIQ Pay-Per-View event, you must purchase an event ticket.
In order to make a Pay-Per-View payment on TIZIQ you must be a registered user.
This is to ensure that your event ticket will be available to you and easily found in your dashboard under "My Tickets"
Alternatively, you can simply go to the event page after your purchase. If the event has started, the "Watch Live" button will be available.

Ticket purchasing:
Once logged in, choose an event that you would like to view

Proceed to make the purchase for the event ticket
Confirm your details and make the payment.
If the event has already started, the purchase button will be replaced with a "Watch Live" button
If the event has not yet started, a countdown to the start time will be displayed. The "Watch Live" button will be shown when the countdown ends.

Free Contribution events on TIZIQ do not require you to be logged in or a registered user.
You can contribute to an event before it has started or during the show.

Choose the Watch Live button if the event has started, then proceed to view the Free live show.
Yes. At TIZIQ we pride ourselves on Full Transparency for all payments.
With each payment, you will receive 2 emailed receipts from us for your payment.

Your payment history is also avalable on your dashboard located under:
My Tickets (for your Pay-Per-View payments)
My Contributions (for your tips and contributions towards any event)

As an added measure of transparency, the event owner receives confirmation of your payment via SMS, email and accounting within their dashboard.
No. One of TIZIQ's many security measures includes a block on Duplicate logins.
If someone else tries to login with your account, the last login used will be automatically logged out.

Only one TIZIQ account can be used at a time.
Interacting with an event on TIZIQ via event chat requires a registered account.
Simply create an account or login if you already have one and you're good to go.

Event chat is available for Pay-Per-View Stream and Free Contributions events only.
Event chat is not available for Pay-Per-View VOD. This is to avoid anyone spoiling the content for you by giving away the story.
If you are having any issues with TIZIQ, contact us via email at and we will be happy to help.